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Colus is a free display font, whose designer Stan Partalev was inspired by stone and wooden carved letter inscriptions. With a classical appearance and mature characteristics, this typeface family is appropriate for impressive headlines, remarkable logos, and beautiful signs. As the first professional font by Stan, Colus comes with the broad support of many Latin and Cyrillic based languages, proper localizations, lining numbers and old style figures. Colus pro scriptum est!

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    Afrikaans Asu Belarusian Bemba Bena Bulgarian Breton Bosnian (Cyrillic) Catalan Chechen Chiga Czech Welsh Danish Taita German Lower Sorbian Jola-Fonyi Embu English Spanish Estonian Basque Finnish Filipino Faroese French Friulian Western Frisian Irish Scottish Gaelic Galician Swiss German Gusii Manx Croatian Upper Sorbian Hungarian Indonesian Icelandic Italian Machame Kamba Makonde Kabuverdianu Kikuyu Kalenjin Shambala Colognian Cornish Luxembourgish Ganda Lithuanian Luo Luyia Latvian Meru Morisyen Malagasy Makhuwa-Meetto Macedonian Maltese Norwegian Bokm?l North Ndebele Dutch Norwegian Nynorsk Nyankole Oromo Polish Portuguese Quechua Romansh Rundi Romanian Rombo Russian Kinyarwanda Rwa Samburu Sangu Northern Sami Sena Sango Slovak Slovenian Inari Sami Shona Somali Albanian Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Latin) Swedish Swahili Teso Uzbek (Latin) Volapük Vunjo Walser Soga Zulu

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